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Matt Lingo for Leader

16/11/2009 2 comments

Matt Lingo came out here to shoot me for Leader Bikes and Cog Magazine. I am currently nursing a knee injury from a long nose manual spill last Thursday but we still shot a lot and filmed a little and this photo surfaced recently. Nothing too extravagant we just liked the lighting and the spot.

I also shot with Blotto from Burton Snowboards two days before Matt Lingo came out and I am still awaiting those photos but I will let you see them as soon as I get them…

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Sponsor Pack

As seen on Zlog Blog. We have sponsored the Future Tense race that is this weekend in Seattle. Also, The Revival premiers this Sunday (flier also added) in Seattle so be sure to make it out, have a blast and cop some prizes.

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Rider Spotlight: Nick Name

Here are a few candid photos of my good friend Nick doing his thing. He has a lot of heart and lands almost everything that he tries. I love riding with this dude cause we tend to push each other to get better. Enjoy:

fence ridegapbig gappark hopgrab180sign tapdockhighangle

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Vivalo Build

I built this up about 2 months ago for my friend Rhett and I really liked the way it came out.


Photos by Ronnie Jay from Eurojet

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Sammy Black’s New Leader Build

06/11/2009 1 comment

Here is a picture of my good friend Sammy’s bike. He built this up very nicely and I wanted to show it off here because it deserves some blog love. Great job Sammy!

Leader Build

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Phoenicia Association Shoot

19/10/2009 3 comments

I shot some photos for the Phoenicia Association clothing store and gallery in Downtown Phoenix over the weekend and got some proofs from the photographer. The pants look good and the shots came out nice on the background. Dig Yourself.

Terror Boy Front
Terror Boy Wheel Grab
Terror Boy Bunny Hop Wheel Tap

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Step Off

I was out with some friends and started trying to perfect the step off bunny hop. Turns out it is not that hard to do I just always forgot to try it out until I rode up to this light pole. I like the outcome but I am making a weird face for sure! HAHAHAHAH!

Step Off

This photo was snapped by my good friend Victor Vasquez @ Cannibal-Creative

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I went to Interbike this year with Leader Bikes and got the chance to meet a ton of cool people including Chris Clappe, ZLog Zach and Sizemore. Here are the few pictures that were snapped by Matt Lingo and Zlog.

ZLog, Sizemore, Chris Clappe, Ronnie, Kareem, Katie, MattLeader at InterbikeSan Diego Leader Crew

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Photo Night

Bunny WedgeGarageBunnyBig SpinBunny 2Wedge Bar SpinWedge Bunny 2Bigspin 2Wall ride

I went out to a trick sesh ride with Trashcan, Nickname, Ronnie and the boys in Tempe and there were a few people snapping photos. Here are some of the photos that we got. My bars lunged forward when I missed the J-hop on that low pole once and I thought it was worse but I just placed them back and it was fine for the rest of the night. The bike handles real nice!!!